Dream news, May 2015

Hi there, Just wanted to post an update on how the Dream development is going on the current schedule. I noticed some of you were getting a little concerned and frustrated about the lack of update since February and hopefully this post will clear up as much as possible. Since the middle of March we

Dream Sitrep and Gratitude – January 2015

Hi Folks, Just wanted to post an update about Dream and where we are currently at with development stages. There is quite a lot to talk about so ill do my best to split it into sectioned paragraphs. Lack of Updates As many of you have noticed it has been quite a while ( October

Footstep sounds with custom pawn [ Howard ]

Just a short update this time – Nothing I can really post without spoiling the upcoming content so I thought I would write a brief description of how the Footstep sounds in Dream work. Normally in UDK you don’t have to worry so much about footsteps, you just tell the materials properties what audio clip

Dream Development Update [June]

So whilst we are not too far away from an update for Dream we thought it would be nice to post an announcement explaining to you all where we are right now on the process of finishing Dream and what we are all currently working on. As some of you may know, there are only

‘Dream’ Key Bindings Progress

Hey Guys! As Key Bindings are one of the top requested things to come to Dream I thought I would do a little update on the situation. Dream being on Early Access lets us hear what you folks want; and while being on Early Access isn’t much of an excuse to why Key Bindings aren’t

Replacing UDK’s ‘BlendByDirection’

If you have Dream version 0.4.4 (Will be fixed in later versions) you will notice that when you change Howard’s direction he moves his feet to the left/right beforehand. This has been an issue for some time now. In UDK you create the characters movements using an AnimTree, which is a collection of nodes/instructions on

Develop Article: The VR Dream and overcoming dev hurdles

You can read the full Article here on the Develop site, or continue reading below https://www.develop-online.net/opinions/the-vr-dream-and-overcoming-game-dev-hurdles/0191523   I’m Ashley Stancill, one of the co-founders of HyperSloth (Which consists of me, Lewis Bibby and Samuel Read). We have been working on a ‘first-person atmospheric exploration game called Dream for a little under two years now. In Dream you

GDC, Rezzed & Updates

GDC First things first, we went to GDC! This was actually my first time out of the country, so going on a 15 hour flight to San Francisco was quite something. GDC was a great experience, and we met some very interesting people like Lindsay from Platform Expos, Chet from Valve ( Who actually wanted

Looking “Into” Dream with the Oculus Rift

With the Dream Rift Prototype release just around the corner, I thought I would write a short section about the process of porting Dream over to the Rift. As we have said many times, most features in Dream were developed with the Rift in mind; we want to create a truly immersive exploration game, and

New Year, New Me (literally)

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a quick recovery from your hangovers Kicking things off, the new me! My name has changed :O I no longer have the surname ‘Sidebottom’. It’s going to be really strange to get used to, but I now go by ‘Ashley Stancill’. This is quite a big change for me,