So, Down to the first things I guess. For those that don’t know, I’m at a part in my life where I am wondering if what I am doing is the right thing for me in life.

I have done 2 years of university, studying Games Design. For my placement year I joined up with Sam and Lewis, and together we formed HyperSloth Ltd and started production on Dream. Currently we got published and now we are taking another year out. Being published is great! but its not all gravy. I remember a time during the first year struggling to pay bills, thinking that if we just got published, we’d be set. How wrong I was though. Don’t get me wrong, being published is fantastic – it means we can get Dream out to you all, but the money situation still sucks! Its like an upgrade from eating beans day after day, to beans and cheese. But hey, we get to work on Dream, and who knows where that will take us! – the rest is up to us.

Bearing in mind I’m only 21 at the time of writing, I keep getting a lot of compliments that to say how young I am, I am doing incredibly well. Truthfully that might be the case, and if it is, I am an ungrateful little shit. Time after time I always think what if… – My life is not bad, and I’m not moaning it is, but I’m always feeling that I’m not achieving enough in life, and this kinda stresses me out a lot. I’m also very pessimistic, although this isn’t really a bad thing. Sam and Lewis are very optimistic, so it’s always good to have someone on the lookout for the things that could potentially go wrong. It’s jut a shame that when i finish working for the day, I don’t stop being pessimistic for the day.

Before HyperSloth & University, I really wanted to be a doctor. However I have a HUGE phobia of blood, so this stopped me from following that dream (pardon the pun :O ). This fundamentally led me to Games Design. During the first year of university, I was going to drop out. I thought the course was naff and ultimately, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. If I’m honest, I’m still not sure I do, but I am good at it, hence why I stayed.

So this leads me onto the  “wondering if what I am doing is the right thing for me in life”. I guess ultimately I am, otherwise I wouldn’t be here still I think. I enjoy running a business very much however. Things such as Eurogamer. It’s great to see the fans and chat to them. Being indie is great.
Anyways, to change things around I have started going to bed a hour earlier, and reading forums to do with games design and 3D art. This helps to inspire me just before I sleep. I have been doing it for a few days now and I really think its a good idea that seems to be working. I’m also helping this blog helps inspire me to be a great entrepreneur as well as a game dev. The whole “is this right for me” situation also helps me develop Dream. I can pour those emotions into the game, as they are well suited for Howard and his story line.

Well this is the first one done, its just a bit of get to know me more in depth I think and get off my mind who/where I am in my life right now.