Small Rift Update

The following is taken from the Dream Steam forum. I thought I would post an update to you all!
Merry Christmas!!


Ass³ [developer] 21 hours ago

Hi Guys, Thought I’d give you a small update.

As @budwheizzah said, unfortunately the Oculus team suffered a loss of a co-founder. This Co-Founder was also in charge of implementing rift support into UDK.
The OVR team, as you would expect, had set backs because of this. However the good news is they are working on the rift UDK support still, but re-implemented it from the ground up which took time.

While the current version does work with Dream, – there are a lot of issues that we have to wait to be fixed before we can tweak it for Dream. Things such as RenderToTexture (For Scaleform, mirrors, etc) only working in one eye. This is not something that we can’t fix as the code for this is in the core, which means OVR have to fix this, then recompile, then release.

On a plus note, we shouldn’t be too long delivering it to you. The challenge right now is to find a state we are comfortable with releasing. One that lets you explore from A-B without game breaking bugs; as well as implementing the new content we have now.

While I cannot give an exact date, it should be soon after the New Year :). If the build doesn’t play nice with the version we have now, we would most likely add the Rift Version as a separate game in your library until Dreams release, when the Rift Build should be more stable and friendly. – If we did the latter, you of course wouldn’t have to buy this. It would appear in your library under Dream once you purchase Dream.

Thanks for your continued support!