GDC, Rezzed & Updates


GDC PassFirst things first, we went to GDC! This was actually my first time out of the country, so going on a 15 hour flight to San Francisco was quite something.

GDC was a great experience, and we met some very interesting people like Lindsay from Platform Expos, Chet from Valve ( Who actually wanted to meet us and booked in for a chat! ), the guy who brought Playstation to Europe, Oculus and many more people; in fact we also briefly met Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb.

Andy Payne, our publisher, and the ‘Devolver Guys’ were also staying in the same hotel as us so they helped with sorting out connections.

There were also quite a few parties which I attended, which were again for networking in the industry. I met a guy working on ‘The Division’ – and it was great to learn about their pipeline and he even shared some knowledge into some Tips and Tricks for Game Development.

Inside GDC there were a lot of interesting talks going on such as Substance Painter, UE4, and this interesting piece of software called Face Shift.


FaceShift is awsome!


So Sweet :3

So Sweet :3

I stood listening to the KeyNote and I left impressed. If your into Facial Animation/Rigging defiantly check it out. It uses a depth camera to track your head and apply your facial features onto the mesh, which could be anything from a dog, to a human. You can then record your movement and have a look at the final result. Scrubbing through the timeline lets you look at Key Facial Features and see where they are mapped onto the mesh. If any are wrong you can alter it, hit a button and it will realise and fix any incorrect frames, just at the touch of a button! Amazing stuff.  I don’t think I did it much justice explaining it, but if you can find a GDC demo video on youtube you need to check it out.




After GDC was up we decided to visit Alcatraz. I’ll not go into much detail about this trip but I wanted to share one image with you all. This one;

2014-03-16 21.53.17

Sam, Lewis, Ash & Gary

Sorry for the bad quality, we took a picture on our phone of it. But this is a great picture of Gary (Far right). We all caught the sun quite bad but Gary got the worst of it. This made Gary take extra precaution, involving multiple layers, a hat and glasses. The picture just looks like we brought him back from Alcatraz !


Coming back from GDC we had a few days to rest before we headed out to EGX_Rezzed. During this time we decided it was best to make a ‘Rezzed Dream Demo’, due to the queue’s we had last year. I quickly made the demo of one of the side dreams in Dream that we felt would be best paired with the Oculus Rift.  The demo worked well as it had a 5 minute timer on it, but I forgot to take out the Level Portal, so there were around 10 crashes or so throughout the whole time at Rezzed.

Again, we met some awesome people here! We were in the Mastertronic area, so our booth was next to the other great games that Mastertronic are pushing out there, So we had Tango Fiesta next to us, 10 Second Ninja and Overruled behind us!

We also went for a very tipsy curry with Devolver and there games and got chatting to Roll7, the team behind OllieOllie and there new, Not a Hero game. Both were great, but frustrating games – almost impossible, like there Company name which is about rolling a 7 on a dice.

Ether One

There was also a hidden gem behind our stand called Ether One. Now I’ve had my eye on this for some time, they were on Greenlight with us when we first started out – and I finally got a chance to play it! Wow. If you like Dream, you will defiantly love this game too. I’ve already purchased it on Steam, I’m just trying to find time to dive into it. The team too, ‘White Paper Games’ were fantastic to talk to.

Along side all of this we did quite a few press interviews, so keep an eye on my twitter if you want any links to these!

Dream Update


Because we have been traveling a lot this past month we apologise for the lack of updates, but rest assured we are back to work on it! In fact the image to the left is a sneak peak of something that will be in Act II hopefully soon. The nightmare isn’t too far away too! So make sure you’re ready for that 🙂

I’ve also been working on a Side Dream for Act III as well as the Howard Skeletal Mesh. Ill do a ‘Development Post’ tomorrow once I’m in the office and show off what I roughly have so far, and where it aims to go. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I’d love to hear what you think. Again all this blogging is new to me.