UoH Application


As further support to my application, I have created a list of varying tasks that I have been responsible for. These examples are from Internal and External projects as well as some HyperSloth administration tasks. The supporting documents are broken down into categories of projects. All of the assets have been created by me unless stated otherwise. As a side note, this page URL is private and only accessible via the link.

Kado Quest!

A HyperSloth Production

Kado Quest! is the latest internal unreleased project by HyperSloth. It was worked on by myself, Lewis and 4 other employees. I was responsible for;

  • 3D Asset Creation
  • Artistic Direction
  • Animation
    • Animation Trees
    • Animation Re-targeting
    • Blend Spaces
  • Combat
  • Blueprints
  • Localisation Testing
  • Lighting

Supporting Documents

Kado Quest! Featurette video

This trailer was created for publishers. It was designed to show the general concept of Kado Quest! and the current state of the project. The majority of the art pieces were created by me, with the exception of the Characters clothing, which was done by an employee. The video playback is increased to illustrate Kado Quest!'s features in a shorter time.

Game Design Document

As Kado Quest! was my game concept, I created a GDD to show to the team and help with development. This was to be constantly updated and was shared around to publishers and new employees to get a sense of the game's feel and directions.

Project Overview

We found that talking to publishers and just handing over a GDD wasn't a good way to introduce the project. My idea was to hand over a project outline. The overview was meant to explain the concept of KQ! in slightly more detail than an elevator pitch.

Gantt Chart

One of the easiest ways to relay an employee's workload, especially for the next development milestone. This along-side of Toggl, the time tracking tool, helped let us see how our employees were getting along with certain tasks.

Job Advice

This was created to help an employee get a jump start in his work list. This was something that became common once the rest of the team expressed it would ease their planning.


We used Trello to manage a virtual workspace and job list.

Balance Calculator

Working with Lewis, we set out to create a sheet that would generate card values for the team. Once a card was made we could simply input the card type and it would output the correct variables for the game to ensure a balanced progression with the in-game cards.

Asset List

This asset list was created to help populate other Biomes in Kado Quest!

Kado Quest! Animation Trees and Blueprints

These are examples of a few animation trees I created for the enemy characters. Each blueprint works in unison with the AI of the enemies. Each tree had to be unique to each enemy due to their individual behaviors.

  • Locomotion tree for the acorn


A HyperSloth Production

Dream was the first internal project in HyperSloth. Some of my responsibilities were to produce the 3D assets, UDK Visual Scripting (Kismet), implement technical systems such as Scaleform, Localisation, Lightmass settings, Scripting and QA testing.

Supporting Documents

Dream on Steam & Trailer

The link to the Dream store and a video for the launch trailer.


This table was created to keep on top of the localisation tasks on Dream.

Dream Structure

Working with Lewis, we created a detailed document to outline the main structure of Dream. This was useful to re visit once we needed to revise some work. In short, it's a compressed GDD.

Press Schedule

The sheet shows an example of some of the press meetings we did for Dream. Myself and Sam were doing them together in Gamescom. Dream is on the right column.

PC Building Simulator

Contracted Work

I've been working as an artist on PC Building Simulator for a little over a year now. The requirements are as follows;  The models need to be lifelike including accurate representation of the branding. Any differences to the model would be considered a fault. Each model had to be sized correctly and each model had to be orientated the correct way.

Models and textures must be named correctly and exported in the correct formats. PBR texture maps were to be created where possible: Albedo, Normal, Roughness or Smoothness, Emissive and Opacity. Sections of the model must be unwrapped correctly including any textured surface area and any RGB elements.Each model category had a specific model count requirement.

Case fans: 10,000 – 16,000 tris.
CPU Fans: 30,000 – 80,000 tris.
CPUs: 300-800 tris.
SSDs: 300-1000 tris.
HDDs: 500-2,500 tris.
Motherboards: 35,000 – 100,000 tris.
RAM: 1,000 – 5,000 tris.
PSUs: 30,000 – 60,000 tris.
GPUs: 30,000 – 80,000 tris.
Radiators: 30,000 – 60,000 tris.
Waterblocks: 2,000 – 8,000 tris.
Cases: 15,000 – 50,000 tris.
Pumps: 20,000 – 50,000 tris.

Supporting Documents

PC Building Simulator Gallery

Below are a few of the assets I've created for the project.

  • PC Sim, GPU


Contracted Work

I was contracted on Pacer to help in the last few months of their release. They are remastering 'Formula Fusion' and relaunching as Pacer. The job roles were to optimise meshes, create more realistic textures in 4K, UV edits and new assets. With the big asset scales, such as buildings and bridges, it was more effective in some cases to use trim sheets then adding a separate UV channel for lightmapping.

Supporting Documents

Pacer Gallery

Below are a few assets created for Pacer.

  • Niagara falls - Art test render 1


The administrative side of HyperSloth

I took on the majority of the HyperSloth Business work alongside the project work. Below are some of the important documents I was responsible for creating. I've included a range of different administrative tasks.

Supporting Documents

HyperSloth Presentation

This is the presentation that I would often show when doing a guest lecture. There are some notes in the footer as I tried to keep clutter off the main slide to stop them being distracted whilst listening.

Dream Profit and Loss

This sheet is an example of the profit and loss accounts made back in 2014.

Kado Perforce Setup

This guide was created to help the employees install source control.

Kado Quest! Milestone and Budget

The game's basic milestrone structure and investment expenditure.

Kado Quest! Budget and Milestone Forecast

This sheet was created to show a yearly forecast of expenditure on Kado Quest!